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Care Options

Assisted Living

A SERENE, residence-like setting with supervised, private living

Today, the majority of older adults are in better mental and physical health than ever before. They want to make their own health care and “life” decisions. And their highest priority is to remain as independent as possible for as long as possible. Assisted Living centers, such as Mabry, allow their residents to do just that. The essence of Assisted Living is to foster each resident’s individual sense of independence, while offering help with some of the tasks of daily living.

Sometimes called Personal Care Homes, assisted living centers are residences designed to provide adults with personalized services in nutrition, security, safety, medication supervision, and various daily endeavors such as housekeeping and laundry–all while they live comfortably in their own private rooms or suites.

For the most part throughout the United States, Assisted Living residents pay their monthly fees from their own resources. These resources may include Social Security retirement benefits, or proceeds from the sale of a home and other investments. Mabry Assisted Living is an approved Choices waiver program facility. The costs associated with assisted living are much less than those of normal living arrangements. Yet even with this lower cost, assisted living centers provide a higher standard of living, more companionship, and a greater degree of safety for their residents. Mabry offers its residents a lifestyle that provides independence without burdening family members.

Assisted living is a very positive alternative to other types of care that could be more restrictive and impersonal, as well as costly.During the admission process, each potential Mabry resident is carefully assessed to evaluate the level of care that best meets his or her individual needs. At the time, fees are assessed based on the level of care deemed necessary.


Post-Surgery Therapeutics

Whether you need rehabilitation following orthopedic surgery or recovery from an illness, we are the perfect, close-to-home solution. We provide physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy services.


24 Hour Skilled Nursing

Mabry Health Care provides 24/7 skilled nursing for around the clock medical care. We only employ the most highly skilled nursing staff to care for our residents.


Other Professional Services


  • 24 Hour On-Call Pharmacy
  • Long Term Care
  • End of Life Care
  • Temporary / Respite Care for Weekends & Vacations
  • Alzheimers & Dementia Care
  • Antibiotic Stewardship & Infection Prevention (including indwelling catheter care)
  • Wandering Care (with monitoring device)
  • Medical Consultant
  • Podiatrist Services
  • Wound Therapy (including wound vac)
  • Lab Services
  • IV Care (PICC & Porta Cath Care)
  • Registered Dietician & Nutritional Services
  • Dental Care Services
  • Optometrist Services
  • Respiratory Care (including Oxygen Therapy, CPAP, BIPAP, Nebulizer Treatments & Monitoring)
  • Mental Health Services
  • Social Services
  • Licensed Beautician Services
  • Isolation (if required)

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